In 2022, we at Lunar Media had the pleasure of bringing a new level of magic to Blanchardstown Centre with our custom Santa Cuddle Toy.

From concept to creation, we meticulously crafted every detail of this enchanting toy, ensuring it would become a cherished keepsake for children and families. Our comprehensive approach included concept design, 3D modeling, character building, mascot development, and a robust promotion and marketing campaign.

From Concept to Creation

The journey of the Santa Cuddle Toy began with a simple idea: to create a festive and lovable character that would bring joy to children during the holiday season. Our talented team at Lunar Media worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. We started with detailed concept designs, capturing the essence of Santa Claus in a way that was both whimsical and heartwarming.

3D Modeling and Character Building

Once the concept was finalised, our skilled designers created 3D models of the Santa Cuddle Toy. This step was crucial in ensuring that every detail, from Santa’s rosy cheeks to his twinkling eyes, was perfect. The character building process involved careful consideration of proportions, textures, and colors, resulting in a toy that was not only visually appealing but also huggably soft.

Mascot Development and Marketing

In addition to the toy itself, we developed a full mascot version of the Santa Cuddle Toy, bringing the character to life in Blanchardstown Centre. This larger-than-life mascot became a central part of our marketing and promotion efforts, delighting children and families as they interacted with Santa’s cuddly counterpart. Our comprehensive marketing campaign included social media promotions, in-centre events, and engaging content that highlighted the magic of the Santa Cuddle Toy.

Trusted Manufacturing and Safety Standards

To ensure the highest quality, we partnered with trusted manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. Our partners adhered to strict quality control standards, and the Santa Cuddle Toy was CE mark approved, guaranteeing it met all safety requirements ensuring conformity with all relevant EU-wide requirements. This commitment to quality and safety ensured that families could enjoy the toy with complete peace of mind.

A Perfect Mascot for Your Shopping Centre

At Lunar Media, we have the expertise to create any type of character, perfect for mascots and promotional campaigns for shopping centres. Whether you’re looking to develop a unique character for a special event or a year-round mascot, our team can handle every aspect of the process, from initial concept to final production. Our custom characters are designed to engage and delight, creating memorable experiences for visitors.

Bringing Joy to Families

The Santa Cuddle Toy was a resounding success, bringing smiles and joy to countless children and families. It became a beloved part of the holiday experience at Blanchardstown Centre, creating lasting memories and spreading festive cheer.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of the Santa Cuddle Toy, we are excited about the possibilities for future character creations. At Lunar Media, we are dedicated to bringing magic and joy to life through our innovative designs and comprehensive character development services.