At Lunar Media, we are delighted to have partnered with The Square Tallaght to implement Mappedin’s Responsive Web App and Digital Directories, transforming their static maps into dynamic, interactive assets.

As one of Ireland’s premier shopping and leisure destinations, The Square Tallaght now offers an enhanced navigation experience that allows shoppers to easily discover and explore their extensive variety of retailers, entertainment, and services.

Situated in Tallaght, The Square boasts over 130 outlets, providing a diverse range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. To provide visitors with seamless navigation across their expansive property, we implemented an interactive mapping and wayfinding system that offers smart search, category listings, smart labels, and optimised pathing.

Our easy-to-use platform also enables The Square Tallaght to showcase advertisements, ensuring maximum visibility for promotions, events, and tenant offerings. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also provides valuable customer insights to continually improve their services.

Responsive Web App and Digital Directories

By integrating Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, The Square Tallaght transformed their static maps into digital, interactive tools embedded into their website. Visitors can now search, discover, and navigate the property from any device, while the backend system provides valuable insights into visitor behaviour.

Our Digital Directories, strategically placed throughout the property, offer additional touchpoints for shoppers to access location information and directions. Equipped with smart search and a 3D interactive map, these directories create an intuitive wayfinding experience. Retailers and brands can also connect with guests through advertisements, creating content that can be scheduled to display during specified periods, thus providing an additional revenue stream and boosting tenant visibility.

Custom Freestanding Kiosks

In addition to managing and designing the mapping features, Lunar Media also designed and built the custom freestanding kiosks that house the mapping software within The Square Tallaght. These clean and simple yet beautiful white kiosks are made from carbon steel with electrostatic powder coating, blending seamlessly with the centre’s aesthetic while providing robust functionality and an engaging user experience.

Ongoing Management and Analytics

Lunar Media fully manages, maintains, and updates the maps on an ongoing basis. Our team is on hand to make changes almost immediately, whether it’s adding or removing stores, uploading and managing advertising content, or adding events. We also send monthly analytic reports to centre management, providing valuable insights into visitor behaviour and helping to continually enhance the shopping experience.

Mobile Pass

With Mappedin’s Mobile Pass feature, shoppers can seamlessly take directions on-the-go by scanning QR codes displayed on Digital Directories. This feature provides a contactless way for visitors to access the same 3D map and search functionality on their smartphones without needing to download additional applications.

A Multi-Beneficial Solution

The Square Tallaght has successfully engaged shoppers through our interactive mapping and wayfinding system. The digital maps displayed on their website and directories allow shoppers to navigate the property with ease and view real-time events, promotions, and ads.

At Lunar Media, we continue to provide digital mapping capabilities that enhance all venue and industry types. Whether you’re looking to improve navigation, increase internal efficiencies, or capitalise on marketing opportunities, our solutions can transform your business.

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