At CrossRoads Missions ServeLouisville, we are establishing our Missional Living Program throughout the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Our Purpose

Through our Missional Living Program, CrossRoads Missions ServeLouisville provides affordable housing to families who have made a commitment to share the Light of Christ in their new community.

These families agree to engage in missional work for five years, and have an opportunity at home ownership they would not have received otherwise.

The success of this program requires several different components, all working together:

Construction – Whether we are renovating an existing property or building a new home from the ground up, this is a cornerstone of our work and improves the almost 20 impoverished or disaffected neighborhoods in Louisville.

Connection – Working with out-of-towners on mission trips and local individuals and groups in the Louisville area, we provide service opportunities that improve communities while also allowing families an opportunity at home ownership.

Covenant – We have partnered with several churches in the Louisville area, which connect us with good missional candidates—be they individuals or families. This provides people living in those missional homes with a support system that emphasizes discipleship and accountability.

Community involvement – Our Missional Living Program is not possible without the partnership of churches, businesses, local individuals, and mission teams—all working together.

Our partners

Fuller Center for Housing
Hope Place, a church-centered community development organization
Portland Promise, a community center located in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood
The Table, a non-profit, pay-as-you-can, farm-to-table cafe located in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood
Stormhaven Youth Ranch, a place where horses and children that have been tramuatized can bond, offering each other that hope and unconditional love that we all yearn for in our unstable world
Wayside Christian Mission, tackling the root causes of homelessness using a proven holistic approach

The details

In 2018 alone, we had six different teams of outside volunteers—almost 1,000 people, counting our local volunteers—who built or repaired 15 homes in Louisville. We invite you to serve alongside us and our partners as we can only serve the city with a collective effort. We have skilled staff that will lead you in meaningful projects and programs, as well as times of praise, study, and fellowship. The participant fee covers construction supplies, projects, outreach activities, meals, lodging, and devotional materials. Trips are open to all ages and family groups are welcome.

A typical weeklong trip with ServeLouisville includes:

  • Praise/devotionals/teaching – Since worship is the focus of the week, we have times of praise, personal devotions, and teaching to prepare and challenge us throughout the week.
  • Construction projects – CrossRoads Missions’ staff will lead you in a wide variety of construction projects for people of all skill levels. Trained staff and interns will supervise work including concrete, drywall, tile, roofing, painting and other various jobs.
  • Community programs – During the week, your team will spend time engaging and serving alongside other workers from local churches and ministries across the nation as we work together towards community transformation.
  • Fellowship – Your team will spend time in fellowship with other workers from local churches and ministries across the nation and will participate in selected community activities in the neighborhoods we serve.

Louisville – 4 Day Trip – $275.00 (Sunday night – Wednesday 2 p.m.)
Louisville– Weekend Trip – $165.00 (Friday night – Sunday)
Louisville – Weeklong Trips – $375.00 (Sunday night – Saturday morning departure)

We ask that each group provide their own transportation.

Do you live in Louisville and are you looking for a way to serve? Click here to learn more about our Locallouisville program.

Click here to see the current list of scheduled ServeLouisville trips, then sign up using our convenient online registration system.