As the world began to emerge from the shadows of the pandemic in 2021, we at Lunar Media, in collaboration with Disney and Blanchardstown Centre, set out to create a truly enchanting Christmas experience.

Inspired by Disney’s 2021 Christmas campaign ‘From Our Family to Yours,’ we brought to life a magical winter wonderland that delighted families and spread holiday cheer.

A Celebration of Family Togetherness

The centrepiece of our festive creation was inspired by Disney’s heartwarming short film, ‘The Stepdad.’ This three-minute animated tale celebrates family togetherness and the power of storytelling, themes that resonated deeply with visitors. The display featured life-size storybooks and beloved Disney character displays, all set within a mesmerising winter wonderland scene.

The Enchanting Gingerbread House

In place of the traditional Santa Grotto, we built a life-size Gingerbread House that looked good enough to eat. This whimsical creation was a hit with children and adults alike. At the rear, visitors could meet Santa’s elves, who delighted in informing children whether they were on the good list this year. The Gingerbread House also served as a giant photo studio, where families could enjoy a magical photo experience. If the children had made it onto the good list, Santa would magically appear in their photo, creating a truly unforgettable moment.

A Lasting Memory

As a parting gift, the elves presented families with a beautiful Disney-themed photo wallet, a lasting memory of their fun family outing. The entire experience was designed to create magical moments that families could cherish for years to come.

Bringing Disney Magic to Life

Speaking about the partnership, Trish Long, Vice President & GM of Walt Disney Ireland, said,

“We are delighted to partner with Blanchardstown Centre this Christmas and to see our Magical Christmas Campaign ‘From Our Family to Yours’ come to life!”

This sentiment was echoed by a representative from Blanchardstown Centre, who added,

“This partnership with Lunar Media and Disney for Christmas 2021 brings even more joy to the centre for the festive period. We are delighted to bring the magic of Christmas and Disney to our visitors. Shop safely with us this Christmas with extended opening hours.”

Supporting a Good Cause

The Disney festive offering at Blanchardstown Centre was not just about spreading holiday cheer; it was also in support of the Make-A-Wish foundation. The short film ‘The Stepdad’ and the entire campaign highlighted the importance of family bonds and the magic of storytelling, with a special storybook at the heart of the tale. This precious item, belonging to son Max from his birth father, celebrated how stories from Disney and Pixar can ignite the family’s shared imagination and wonder.

A Festive Experience to Remember

The Disney festive offering at Blanchardstown Centre was open until Christmas Eve, providing families with ample opportunity to experience the magic. Bookings were not required, and prices started at just €9.50 for a family photo, with additional offers available for extra photos, toys, and festive hats.

As we reflect on this magical event, we are reminded of the joy and wonder that the holiday season brings. Our collaboration with Disney and Blanchardstown Centre allowed us to create a truly enchanting experience, and we look forward to bringing more festive magic to life in the future.

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